Whether you take 3 months or a year off work for your maternity leave, you should absolutely take some time with your new family and go abroad. Not only is it cheaper because you can avoid half term holidays, but you can actually relax!

Sound like a contradiction? For me, there are way more positives than negative. And if you need a reason, then I’m here to help, by giving you five of them! We took our first flight to Singapore, before George had turned 12 weeks old. And spent the rest of the year achieving many of our travel goals.


5 month old George outside the White House

When browsing on sky scanner at flights you will be amazed at how cheap they are when you are not searching within school holidays or weekends. Flying mid week and at unpopular times can halve the cost of your trip.

With a newborn baby if you can fly with a company that provides a bassinet, you do not need to pay for a third seat for your child. Instead you pay between 10-20% of your combined cost for your baby’s ticket.


13 week old George in Hoi An, Vietnam

When you’re at home you are responsible for your baby AND your home. In the first few days of having George I was totally overwhelmed and cried. A lot. “I need to do laundry; wash up; vac up; feed George; food shop – How am I going to manage?”

On holiday you don’t wash up, cook, do laundry or clean! So despite what you may think, you do actually get time to relax and recover. At the very least, some of the normal day to day stress is taken off your shoulders. So sit back, relax and let your body recover.


12 week old George with Mummy and Daddy in Singapore

Whether you are travelling with your partner, friend, grandparent or by yourself. Travelling removes all normal day to day distractions and gives you quality time to sit and stare at the wonderful human being that now commands your attention.

And because you are not running around like a headless chicken, trying to prevent your house from looking like a pig sty, you are happier and calmer. There is nothing for you to do other than talk, laugh and be happy with your partner.

You really connect on a new level. You can totally take a few hours to simply hold, kiss and snuggle your baby. Guilt free. They grow so fast and you have to relish these precious moments!


13 week old George having his first dip in the ocean in Hoi An, Vietnam

On our first adventure to South East Asia we achieved so many ‘firsts’ for George and created some incredible memories that will stay with us forever. His first time in a swimming pool was in Singapore.

His first dip in the ocean was in Vietnam. His first flight. His first bath in a hotel sink! Milestones abroad are just as special and if you are travelling with your partner they can be right by your side to share the unforgettable moment.


6 month old George with Mummy and Daddy in Switzerland

Remember your birthing friend ‘oxytocin’? Sunshine, exercise and travelling will bring back your favourite hormone, for a fabulous dose of happiness. Overcome a fear and feel a rush of pride. Enjoy the attention your gorgeous mini me gets from other people.

Watch a beautiful sunset whilst sitting next to the love of your life. Enjoy your first alcoholic drink in over 10 months with your feet immersed in a swimming pool. Meet new people and make friends. Create memories and bask in the bubble that is ‘having a baby.’ Go to bed early and make the most of early mornings with a stroll on the beach.

If you don’t enjoy travelling but do enjoy a one or two week holiday then do that – do what works best for you. A week in Spain will still give you the same opportunities to relax, bond and recover as a month in SE Asia or a week in a capital City. You won’t know until you try and we want you to try because it is so worth it!