Just a 15 minute drive outside of Atlanta’s main hub, and you will find yourself in the cool neighbourhood of Little Five Points. Quirky restaurants, record shops and bars, it’s a blend of rock, hip hop and the fabulous 50s. Colourful graffiti is on every street corner, and there is a large number of independent shops. Plenty of outdoor seating for you to chill and soak in the weird atmosphere. And weird is the correct word. I’d go as far to say, wonderfully weird!

A collection of picturesque craftsman bungalows surround a couple of streets bustling with energy. People from different walks of life come together to call this place home. Savage pizza and vortex burger are popular restaurants, famous after their appearances on food TV. If travelling with a baby or child, you will not be able to go into Vortex burger. It is also bar and you must be over 21 to step foot through the front door.

BUT both places do take-away so be sure to order when it is quiet. The websites states that ‘dine-in’ customers are given priority. They have some of craziest flavours on offer, including the double, tripe and quadruple bypass burger!

Take a look around the ‘Junkman’s Daughter’ a shop that contains random, cool stuff. The story goes, a man came into a lot of money and started to collect weird and wonderful toys, gimmicks, clothes, posters, dolls etc. And now he sells them! Be sure to set aside enough time to wander around the aisles, as there is so much cool stuff! If you are ordering take-out, then this is the perfect place to be whilst you wait for your order.

There is a collection of bars in a square, with live music/singer in the evenings. It can get quite crowded so head there early to get a seat outside so you can watch everyone go by. The hip hop tour is worth a go if you are a music lover. Usher, Lil Wayne, TLC and many more artists have come from Atlanta and you will find independent record shops littered around the hip neighbourhood.

There are no hotels in the main area but outside or in downtown Atalanta there are plenty. We got an apartment via Airbnb for two nights and spent all day walking around and finding hidden gems round every corner. Not baby friendly in the late evening (after 8pm) as most places are bars and therefore you have to be over 21. However, use trip advisor and select baby friendly restaurants and there are a handful, including Savage Pizza. Shop in the independent vintage clothe stores or get a tattoo in the quirky parlour. This neighbourhood will surprise you and words don’t do it justice. Worth a visit if you’re heading to Atlanta or passing through.