Welcome! My name is Gemma and I am a first time Mum to an independent 2.5 year old boy, George. Together with Dad, we used my maternity leave to travel around the world and achieve some of our bucket list goals! Making our first trip when George was just 12 weeks old and visiting some incredible places along the way, creating unforgettable memories, as a family.

I created this website to share my travel advice, experiences and favourite destinations. You will find practical travel information, tips and travel guides for baby and toddler friendly destinations. Hopefully it will help and encourage you to travel with kids. It really is a lot of fun!

Since returning to work and the COVID-19 epidemic, we made a decision as a family to quit the UK. Sell our belongings, say goodbye to our friends and family and moved to New Zealand for 6 months. Our aim was to secure a job somewhere in SE Asia and make a permanent home. Travelling and moving countries with a small child and during COVID-19 has had its difficulties and hopefully our experiences will reassure you that travel is still possible.

We’re currently setting up our new life in Singapore and will be calling the red dot our home for the next two years! We look forward to sharing our new adventure with you.

Gemma & George