We took our first maternity travel adventure when George was just 12 weeks old. A 12 hour flight to Singapore and a three week tour of there and Vietnam. We were just getting to grips with parenting and faced a series of challenges in how to safely, feed our baby abroad.

Over the next 9 months we travelled around the world and created a method that worked for us. We adapted but one product that never changed was the Tommee Tippee Travel Food Warmer. A mouthful of a title! With an exceptionally cheap price tag, you might be tempted to believe this is a once use product but you’d be wrong.

We used it to feed George in the NASA Johnson Space Center, mission control room, on almost 20 flights and at the top of the German Alps. Durable, easy to use and lightweight, I couldn’t recommend this product enough. We used it at home and abroad, day trips and visits to friends houses.

For advice on how to feed your baby whilst on the move, click HERE or if this if your first time flying with a baby, check out how complete Flying Guide.


When we first bought the flask, it was with a “we’ll just try it’ attitude because it was quite cheap, we were willing to throw it away if it didn’t do the job. We tried it out at on a couple of short trips to friends houses before, taking our first 12 hour flight with George.

It is incredibly simple to use and that meant our friends were able to figure it out quickly and help with feeds. It is small enough to fit into my handbag or rucksack when we travel and requires minimal maintenance.

I like the sturdiness of the flask, it isn’t bulky but it will remain in one place so you can use your hands to prepare your baby. In a matter of minutes, you can feed your baby literally, anywhere in the world. For the price, the Tommee Tippee Travel Flask is great value for money.

Feeding George at the top of the Empire State Building, NYC.


The flask comprises of two parts, the metal flask and a plastic lid. The flask itself has a screw lid with a button, that you press to release or lock the lid. You can either pour the water our through the lid or remove the lid and pour.

The best part of this flask is the plastic outer. You pour the water into this and then place your baby bottle inside. Wait a couple of minutes and the bottle is good to go. The thickness of the plastic makes it feel sturdy and you don’t burn your hands when you are holding it with water inside. You can put it down with peace of mind and know that a strong wind won’t blow it over, if you are feeding outdoors.

When using this flask, it minimises the amount of gear you have to carry around. You need the flask, a bottle and your feed. Either powder or expressed breast milk, you prepare the bottle and then place it into the plastic lid. Pour hot water on it and wait a couple of minutes.

If you are out for the full day, cafes and restaurants are happy to fill the flask up for you and again, the simpleness of the design means they can close the lid safely before passing it back to you. I have even used this flask and method to warm up little pots of food when we were first weaning George.

Feeding George in the Post Office in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.


We have taken this travel flask on every flight we’ve ever been on with George and that is well over 20 flights, both long and short haul. Before going through security at an airport, be sure to empty the flask of water. Place it separately on the security belt. The metal is so thick that the scanner cannot see through it and if you forget to take it out of your bag, you might find yourself being delayed while security have to take out extra checks.

It is easy to maintain and you can place all components in the dish washer, or sterilise them using tablets or liquids, every so often to maintain healthy levels of hygiene. You can take it onto airplanes, trains and I have even feed George in the car, whilst on the move.

The flask is a little chunky but it does fit into different a variety of shapes and sizes of nappy bags (we’ve trialled quite a few throughout our travels). For travel both at home and abroad, I use a rucksack and find the flask fits in easily and isn’t too heavy. It is so simple and flexible for every terrain, situation and destination that it is the best investment we made.


Normally £11.00 but currently available on Amazon for £8.00

This flask is such good value for money. Don’t be put off by the cheap price, it does exactly what it says it will do! Reliable and adapatable, this flask allows you to feed your baby quickly, easily and anywhere in the world. We highly recommend the Tommee Tippee Travel Flask.

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