We’ve experienced long hauls flights several times when travelling with George. The longest flight was 14.5 hours from Singapore to Manchester, when he was 15 weeks old. The majority of long haul airlines provide the option of booking a bassinet, for your baby to sleep in. Short haul and budget airlines not so much, leaving you to carry your baby in your arms for the duration.

For our American road trip, we grabbed an bargain 10.5 hour flight from San Francisco to Manchester for just £225pp. So I began to search for a solution to carrying George in our arms for that length of time. That’s how we came across the SkyBaby Travel Mattress. Stylish, soft and simple to use. We’ve successfully used this product to provide a comfortable place for George to sleep.

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If you’re on a budget, you’ll be naturally seeking out cheap flights. Which means, you may have to give up a level of comfort that you get when you pay more money. Using a Skybaby Travel Mattress ensures that your baby will always have a high standard of comfort.

George fell asleep in this on the plane and a few times at the airport, as we were waiting at the departure gate. As it is well padded, we were able to place him down on the ground for a little pre-flight snooze.

Another great advantage, is that you can pass the baby between parents or travel companions, with ease and therefore, reduce the chances of them waking up! You can let your baby lie on your lap and have your hands free to read a book or scroll through your phone. Simple yet effective.


This compact travel mattress provides comfort against the contours and edges of your arms and lap. The material helps to prevent excessive heat transfer from you to the baby or vice versa. It includes a thicker padded pillow section for their head. Then the ‘wings’ hug your baby for extra comfort, and are quick and easy to open and close.

It works with or without the belts that are provided by the airline. The Skybaby has a cut out on either side at the back, where you can feed the belt through. Then fasten around your baby as usual. Some airlines do not use infant belts, so having the SkyBaby in those situations, which I’ve experienced, gave me some comfort.


The mattress is an all in one and is incredibly simple to use. It comes with a blue thin cover that clips onto your luggage or handbag. Once you are in the airplane seat, make yourself comfortable and fasten your seat belt. Decide who will be holding the baby for take off.

If you’ve got an airline infant safety belt, ensure it is clipped around your adult seat belt. Then take the SkyBaby out of its carry bag and unroll it. Feed the belt through the left cut-out or right cut-out in the SkyBaby, depending which way your baby’s head will be facing. Close the airline belt around the baby.

Wrap the wings snugly around your baby. There are two different-sized loops which expand and stretch around baby, and they are quick and easy to pop open when required. You’re ready to go! Baby can now rest, sleep and feed in comfort.

At the end of your flight, simply unfasten and roll up the SkyBaby travel mattress and pack it away again into its carry bag. Any spills can be contained in the carry bag. Once at your destination, the mattress can be washed easily by hand or with a washing machine. It is also useful as a small portable bed for interconnecting flights or when waiting around at the airport


Skybaby Travel Mattress costs £28.99

The SkyBaby is ideal for newborns to 6 month plus. At 56cm long, it’s roughly the width of the average airline seat.  For older babies, it’s no problem if their legs dangle over the edge – the SkyBaby can work as a cushion and pillow for the back.

Product dimensions: 56cm (L) × 29cm (W) with wings closed around the baby; 56cm × 74cm with wings open, wings are flexible.

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