One of Austria’s most famous exports, the Redbull Brand has achieved global success and is involved in some of the biggest sports events on the planet. Hangar 7 is home to just some, of their many engineering success’ across the sporting world.

From F1 cars, helicopters, motorbikes, and their starter project, ‘The Flying Bulls.’ And that isn’t even all of it! Throw in a couple of restaurants, a second hangar, a DJ booth in the ceiling and a private runway and you’ve arrived at Redbull Hangar 7!

We visited in June 2019, as part of our European Road trip with our seven month old son, George. Friendly staff, with plenty of cool stuff! Austria is really proud of Redbull founder, Dietrich Mateschitz. He is something of a legend in the country. He purchased the Austrian F1 ground which fell into disrepair in 20013. Heavily invested money and brought back F1 in 2014. Both your parking and entrance are free, and you can spend as long inside the air conditioned hangar as you wish.

Grab a drink or snack from the cafe, watch videos and learn more about the founder of Redbull, alongside its history. For F1 fans it is a must, and there were plenty of children and families fascinated by the display of machinery. Stroller friendly, with plenty of seats, we highly recommend visiting. We spent half a day here, and the previous day was spent exploring the historic City of Salzburg, located a short 10 minutes drive from the Hangar.



A popular tourist attraction due its unique range of ‘toys’ and free price tag, April to September are the busiest months. The vehicles on display regularly change and depending on the day, staff usually pull out more planes or helicopters from the second hangar to display outside. Coaches full of tourists do visit and it can get pretty busy when they do! So arrive early to get the place to yourself and take your time exploring.


Hangar 7 is located within a 10 minute drive of the historic City of Salzburg, or directly next to Salzburg airport. If driving from the City centre, take ‘Neutor’ then, ‘Maxglaner Hauptstrasse’ and ‘Innsbrucker Bundesstrasse’ towards the airport. Just before the underpass, turn left onto Wilhelm-Spazier-Strasse.

Full address:
Salzburg Airport 
Wilhelm-Spazier-Straße 7A
5020 Salzburg

Arriving from Vienna / Linz, via Westautobahn (A1) take the airport exit. Turn left in the direction of ‘Airportcenter,’ followed by a left turn at the large intersection, in the direction of the ‘Innsbrucker Bundesstrasse’ (not to the airport!) Drive straight through the underpass, and turn right immediately on Wilhelm-Spazier-Strasse.

Arriving from Munich / Innsbruck, take the airport exit. Turn left in the direction of ‘Airportcenter,’ followed by a left turn at the large intersection, in the direction of the ‘Innsbrucker Bundesstrasse’ (not to the airport!) Drive straight through the underpass, and turn right immediately on Wilhelm-Spazier-Strasse.

Public Transport, use bus line 2 (stop Karolingerstraße) or bus line 10 (stop Pressezentrum from the City Centre.


Hangar 7 aircraft museum is open from 9am until 10pm, 7 days a week. All areas within Hangar-7 can be accessed via a barrier-free entrance. Be aware, opening hours may change at short notice due to events, so keep a close eye on their social media channels for changes.


Entrance to the Hangar 7 museum is free of charge, as is parking!


Parking is free. There are around 70 free parking spaces directly in front of Hangar-7. A member of staff will stop you as you approach and direct you to a car park, dependent on the size of your vehicle. A separate car park is used for Campervans and RVs.


Within a 10 minute drive of the historic city of Salzburg, you can stay in any number of hotels, Airbnb’s or hostels.


Hangar 7 houses one restaurant, two bars, and a lounge. Most people want to visit the award winning, Ikarus Restaurant. Available by reservation only and only open at specific times of day, Every month, you will find a different international chef running the kitchen. From the USA, South Africa or Japan, the menu reflects the Chef and is never the same. The concept came to fruition in 2003 and is overseen by Executive Chef Martin Klein and patron Eckart Witzigmann. It has become very successful and has attracted some of the best chefs in the world.

Restaurant Ikarus Table Reservation:

  • 12pm to 1pm and 7pm to 9pm, you can enjoy the full menu.
  • 1 to 1.30pm and 9 – 9:30pm a shortened version of the menu is available.
  • 1.30pm to 2pm and 9.30 – 10pm, a 3-course à la carte menu is available.

Carpe Diem Lounge/Cafe is located directly to your right as you enter the building. Many people confuse the front desk as a ticket office, but in fact it sells ice-cream! With a view of the Flying Bulls collection, enjoy a hot or cold beverage and a simple selection of snacks from € 4,00 upwards. Most popular from this lounge is there breakfast. Similar to a ‘high tea’ but for breakfasts, served either sweet (€ 23,00) or savoury (€ 26,00 ).

Mayday Bar has a  large selection of exquisite cocktails from all over the world, and culinary delicacies available to purchase. The Threesixty Bar is only accessible via a footbridge, which floats beneath the dome of Hangar-7. An exquisite selection of champagne and sparkling wines await. Comes with a hefty price tag and not baby friendly, however, if you can get a sitter, this is the perfect location for a date night!


Toilets are located to your left as soon as you enter the hangar and they have nappy change facilities.


The entire hangar is flat and spacious, a stroller dream! The shop is pretty cramped, so I wouldn’t recommend taking your stroller inside. There is a seating area just outside the shop, to sit down whilst others shop! There is an outside lounge with stairs, but nothing that isn’t manageable.


Arrive early in the day or, if travelling in summer when temperatures are at its peak, the hangar is the perfect place to seek refuge. The entire building is air conditioned (only a select number of hotels within Salzburg have air-conditioning) and should be very quiet…you may even get the place to yourself! Take your own food if you are working to a budget, prices are steep. We opted to have a beer in the bar and get food in town.


As you approach, a member of staff will stop you and direct to a parking bay/area dependent on your vehicle. Once parked up, be sure to walk past Hangar 8 and have a look. The doors are open dependent on the weather and you will be able to see more the of the Flying Bull fleet, along with cars and helicopters.

Walk through the main doors and head straight forward, through a double door set into the hangar. Many tourists get confused as there is a counter to the right, and are unsure as to whether they need to pay. You don’t so walk right in there! Spend as much time as you want reading, exploring and taking photographs of the awesome collection of machines.


The building itself is a piece of art and the concept behind it is refreshing. With a multi-million pound company, you might expect a flashy, over the top display of wealth and power. However, free entry and parking and once inside the glass dome, the style is very much minimal. It appears a stripped back presentation of their accomplishments, across the years. Paying tributes to the designers and technical aspects of their range. Many of the items have an information board in English, giving easy to digest facts. We spent the morning in the hangar, which was plenty of time.


The shop is really small in comparison to the rest of the building. T-shirts and baseballs caps are the most popular, along with the Flying Bull mascot. Prices are high and we were a little disappointed that they didn’t have any cool little gizmos to collect, but each to their own. There is plenty of cuddly toys, magnets and key rings on the lower price range, for travellers on a budget.