In Memphis, you will find one of America’s most iconic streets, Beale Street. If you’re anyone in Rock ‘n’ Rock, then you’ve played in bars on the world famous Beale Street. Jerry Lee Lewis, BB King and Elvis, to name a few. Clean, wide streets full of character, live music and memories. Windows feature logos and signs from the swinging 60s. Friendly locals who wish you a good day and want nothing in return.

The Beale street entertainment district is a melting pot of delta blues, jazz, rock ‘n’ roll, R&B and gospel. Live music bursts out from every angle, singers paying tribute to the late greats. With over 2 dozen bars, nightclubs and street performers, there is plenty to see and do. Be sure to order Memphis’ signature drink, ‘The Walk Me Down.’ The streets are flat and pram friendly. We took a 19-week-old George to see a live band in action, in the middle of Beale Street and he loved it!

If you’re hungry, pay a visit to the world famous ‘Gus’ fried chicken. Featured on a couple of Food TV shows, you will get an authentic Southern experience. And the food is good too!

Night time can get pretty loud and busy. Most places require ID and you must be 21 or over to get in. You can’t take a baby inside after a certain time. Step a few blocks away and you will find the Civil Rights Museum, Sun City Studios and Graceland. So be sure to wear comfortable shoes and spend all day soaking in the atmosphere and history whilst being serenaded by the tones of genres that defined a generation.