Throughout our travels we went through a couple of different styles and brands of prams, before settling for the Baby Jogger City Mini. Recommended to us by a friend, we have yet to find something we dislike about the lightweight buggy.

We learnt a lot from having ‘not so great prams’ at the beginning of our travels. So we knew exactly what we needed – a pram that can cover a range of terrains, lightweight and can easily fold down.

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Since purchasing the pram, we’ve used it around Europe, Dubai, Bangkok and Phuket. I think it’s safe to say it’s experienced a wide range of climates, cultures. Throw in some dodgy Tuk Tuk rides, short haul and long haul flights. Taxis and a treacherous drive through the Alps, the pram is still going strong and other than a few scratches through general wear and tear, we use it everyday when we’re not travelling.

We have the slate version of the pram and it looks sleek. Easy to clean and wipe down, the three wheels allow for easier movement when pushing around. I like the fact that is looks unisex so, both me and Nathan can push the pram and feel good.

Plenty of room underneath to store coats and shopping and I am a big fan of the clips. They are simple and you don’t get frustrated trying to put them together, whilst wrestling an energetic toddler! The Baby Jogger City Mini is an affordable all rounder.


Lightweight and manoeuvarble, it weights just over 10kg. So doesn’t break your back when you have to go up stairs or carry it someplace to store. Our previous prams had 4 wheels but, we opted for the three wheel frame and the difference is really noticeable.

The backrest is adjustable via a simple system. You pinch the sides together, like a peg, and slide it up and down. The back goes down to almost 90 degrees, and then to upright. You can adjust with your child sitting in the pram and because it’s a slider, it doesn’t get tangled up. George has had plenty of naps in the baby jogger and we were able to lie him down quickly and smoothly without waking him.

Another feature I’m a big fan of is the canopy. Normally brands are trying to charge you extra for an umbrella but this hood works really, as is. Full coverage UV50+ we put this to test in Abu Dhabi when it was 43C and it kept George protected. There are two ‘peak-a-boo’ windows so you can keep an eye of them when moving around or, when they are sleeping to minimise disruption. Both windows use velcro and you can either have them all back, or just lift them for a quick check before closing.

The handle isn’t adjustable but neither myself, or Nathan have found that to be an issue, despite a significant height difference! It has good grip and is comfortable. I like the fact that after being hot and sweaty, it can be wiped down really quickly.

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Now this is the main reason we purchased this pram. It folds down by pulling a strap upwards, in one swift movement. Such a game changer! With the other prams, I was trying to safely hold George with one arm and then bending down to fiddle with some tricky little mechanism, resulting in tears, sweat and bad language. None of that with the Baby Jogger.

The handle is situated in the baby seat, so from a standing position you can collapse the pram and move in a matter of seconds. No bending down, no toddler running off, no stress. At airports it’s fantastic and on some budget airlines, where you are allowed to use your pram right up until boarding, you can embark on the aircraft easily and quickly.


 £283 for Slate / £319 for Black.

£25 for the Rain cover

£49 for the Footmuff

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