Marketed as fuss-free toddler reins, I’m happy to announce we couldn’t agree more! Reins are a controversial topic.However, as a family who travel a lot, reins allows George his independence. Alongside keeping him safe amongst the busy crowds.

With so many models and makes on the market, it can be confusing. Take into account when and, for what purpose, you intend to use the reins. The Trunki Toddlepak is easy to use, safe and non-invasive. We laugh a lot about the fact that George, takes us for a walk, when he is wearing his pack!

As of yet, George has shown no resilience to the Toddlepak when it comes time to let him loose. We recommend this product to parents due to its simple design and transferable use between parents/family members. It brings a piece of mind that your child can explore safely, whilst still able to learn valuable life lessons independently.

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I did a lot of research before selecting and ultimately purchasing the Trunki Toddlepak. With several friendly animal-themed designs to chose from, I liked the fact that I could personalise it. We opted for the dinosaur as George has an active interest in them and I wanted the harness to be appealing. The reviews from other parents are overwhelmingly positive and that sealed the deal.

The harness itself is padded and doesn’t restrict his movement in any way. Together, we can explore areas and tourist attractions without the fear of him getting lost. The leads adjust so you choose the distance you wish to be apart from each other. And there is plenty of room to adjust the straps to allow for growth and coats etc.

Ergonomically designed with high quality materials to provide a secure, yet soft and breathable fit. At times George will pull or push against the reins, when he is adamant about going in a specific direction that I may not agree with. When this happens the size and fit of the harness means that his chest and breathing is not affected and he isn’t hurt when there is resistance.


Unlike other children’s harnesses, the Trunki fits from the front and fastens securely at the back in one quick, simple movement. The unique patented plastic clip allows you to easily adjust the shoulder and waist straps simultaneously for a secure fit.

There are also velcro patches within the waist belt to keep any of the strap length not in use, safely out of the way. When your child is wearing it there isn’t anything dangling down for them to grab onto or chew on. I really like the fastener being at the back but when you have cold fingers it may take a few goes before you can undo it! It is really childproof.

The dual function lead allows you to use the ToddlePak as a ‘training rein’ for your babies first steps. Alongside a leading rein for bigger adventures which is what we use it for with George. There is also a thin reflective band as an additional safety feature. The harness constructed from a strong nylon with breathable mesh backing for added comfort.



The harness is worn and put on from the front, so you can either encourage your child to ‘walk into it’ whilst kneeling in front or behind them. Once they are in, all you have to do is ensure the straps are sitting comfortably on their shoulders. Turn your attention to their back and slide the two discs together and you’re good to go!

It’s that simple and quick. If your toddler is anything like George, they are keen to take off so this design requires minimal time. Great news for parents. Since we have been using the Trunki Toddlepak we have had to alter the straps to accommodate for George growing. Easily adjust the shoulder and waist straps simultaneously to quickly secure the harness.

By fat the most important feature of this is that George is comfortable and well supported with the padded and breathability of the product. It has been designed by parents and they have focused on ensuring that the harness doesn’t rub or get caught or cause any kind of friction to irritate skin or the child.


£18 | Trunki ToddlePak

We’re really happy with this product and highly recommend it to parents who are looking for a non-invasive rein that allows your child to remain independent in a safe and comfortable manner.